Monday, May 6, 2024

South African fans slam Netflix SA's 'very embarrassing' Bridgerton Tour: 'Dear Gentle Reader, South Africa does it again, doesn’t get it right'.

by Thinus Ferreira

South African viewers again slammed Netflix's second tryout at doing a "Bridgerton Tour" on Saturday night, with those who looked and followed the spectacle, overwhelmingly dissing the lack of effort that South Africans who attended had put into the event - as well as their lack of knowledge and having not watched the show on Netflix.

After a "Bridgerton Affair activation" in South Africa two years ago that was widely pummelled by the public and the press for being off the mark and its lack of Indian representation, Netflix and Netflix South Africa tried again to get more traction for the upcoming third season of Bridgerton which will release in two parts starting in mid-May.

Like two years ago, Netflix once again flew people from elsewhere in Africa like Nigeria and Botswana to South Africa to play dress-up in old English outfits. Many however seemed clueless about what Bridgerton is, opting to over-focus on simply the fashion and photos.

Adjoa Andoh who portrays the character of Lady Danbury in Bridgerton, was also flown to Johannesburg and attended Saturday's event at the Memoire Events and Wedding Venue in Muldersdrift.

The PR company of Netflix South Africa, Eclipse Communications, didn't respond to media queries about the Bridgerton Tour in South Africa made last week and over the weekend.

On Saturday fans and viewers told Netflix South Africa in no uncertain terms that the people and what they saw as part of the Bridgerton activation on the night once again failed to impress - especially the lack of South African effort.

"Dear Gentle Reader, South Africa does it again, doesn't get it right," said Zamo Shangase. 

"The most known of society were in attendance but know the show, they did not. It's a shame that the creators and fans of the show were not in attendance. I wonder why? Anyways, I've heard that this was not the first, nor will it be the last where the people behind-the-scenes just miss the spot. Imagine Gentle Reader, meeting a DIY creator at a Maybelline event. Scandalous!"

Lazolala said it's embarrassing that Netflix SA "keep gatekeeping this event for celebs who don't even watch it and fans are left out in the cold".

Mtrinnisha told Netflix SA "the live was embarrassing. Most of the people there didn't know anything about Bridgerton", with Natasha Leigh who said "Half the people didn't even know the characters names or quotes. 

Talia Jadegov said "Just stop bringing this event to South Africa if you are only inviting people that don't even watch Bridgerton. How embarrassing!", while Kwezi Mshengu noted that "This is proof when South Africans go to an event they're going for food and alcohol".

Lucritia G said Netflix SA's Bridgerton event was "non-inclusive and people who seem not to have watched Bridgerton. Maybe listen to the feedback from your Dear Readers for once? Bridgerton is a global following and frankly this is very embarrassing for our local scene".

Nomkhosi Sabela said "That's what you get for inviting content creators instead of inviting fans - people who have watched the show. There's no way they were going to ace the looks because they know nothing about the show".

IamGrace said Netflix SA's event "was absurd. Most people couldn't answer the questions, indicating that they likely hadn't seen the series". 

Mitchie remarked: "Shout out to the Netflix team member who thought this was a good idea doing a live event - showing us what we had assumed with most Netflix events: Inviting a bunch of John Snow influencers who never truly appreciate the event that is organised".