Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Disney+ updates streamer's logo to a teal-colour with an animation change.

by Thinus Ferreira

The logo of the Disney+ video streaming service has been updated and changed, with the change also affecting and visible in South Africa, following Disney's buyout of the remainder of the shares in Hulu in the integration of Hulu into Disney+.

The new teal-coloured Disney+ logo has now dropped the classic Disney royal blue, while the circular streak arc is now just white and a solid line, instead of the radial multicoloured blur.

Where "Disney+" was a solid white before, it is now an off-white with a slight teal-diffused look.

"We think we've found a balance of new and nostalgic that helps strike a chord that Disney+ has all the things you love about Disney but is also evolving and adding new things to love," says Andy Barker, Disney+ vice president of creative, in a statement about the logo update.

Opening Disney+ after the logo update the animation has also changed.

Originally "Disney" appeared first, followed by the star arching over from left to right to the "+".

Now the shooting star appears first, the word "Disney" appears second, and the "+"-sign is also slightly thicker than before.

The corporate Disney+ logo change is superfluous and unneccesary for South African Disney+ subscribers who don't even have access to Hulu and in the vast majority of cases don't even know what Hulu is.