Thursday, November 2, 2023

MultiChoice Nigeria does another 20% DStv and GOtv price hike - the 3rd price increase this year - from 6 November 2023 as it 'acknowledges the difficult economic climate'.

by Thinus Ferreira

MultiChoice Nigeria is once again hiking prices of DStv and GOtv subscribers from 6 November, the third shockingly high price hike this year in the West African country after the last extreme increase of up to 22% in monthly subscriber fees that was done in May.

DStv Nigeria sent SMS messages to subscribers' phones and also did an on-screen message through decoders to tell them that it's hiking fees just six months after the last increase in May. 

The new pricing will come into effect from 6 November 2023.

MultiChoice didn't give its customers in Nigeria any reason or explanation for the price hike and only said "MultiChoice acknowledges the difficult economic climate".

DStv Nigeria told subscribers to "please note the following price adjustment".

From 6 November DStv Premium is hiked by 20.4% from N24500 to N29500, while DStv Compact Plus is increased cc% from N16600 to N19800.

DStv Compact is increased 20.4% from N10500 to N12500, while DStv Confam is increased 19.3% from N6200 to N7400. 

DStv Supa is increased to N7600, DStv Max is increased to N5700, DStv Jolli is hiked to N3950, while DStv Jinga is increased to N2700. 

DStv Yanga is getting a 20% price hike from N3500 to N4200.

MultiChoice Nigeria is also hiking the prices of all of the DStv GOtv packages in Nigeria.