Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Disney's new Strange World animation film kept away from Africa's homophobic countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda over gay content.

by Thinus Ferreira

In another keep-the-gay-away, The Walt Disney Company won't be distributing its new animation film Strange World in West Africa's homophobic Nigeria or Ghana or East Africa's homophobic countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda where these countries will likely impose censorship and edits on the Want Disney Animation Studios film, or ban it outright.

In Strange World the character of Ethan, voiced by Jaboukie Young-White has a romantic crush on another boy.

The Walt Disney Company is now keeping Strange World away from 20 countries and markets, including homophobic African countries like Nigeria and Ghana in West Africa, as well as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in East Africa. Strange World is being released in South Africa.

Other countries where Disney isn't distributing Strange World include the entire Middle East region, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam, the Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh and Russia.

The Walt Disney Company in a statement about keeping Strange World away from certain countries, says "In countries where we operate, we seek to share our stories in their original form as we and the artists involved have created them".

"If we make edits, because of legal or other considerations, they will be as narrow as possible. We will not make an edit where we believe it would impact the storytelling. In that circumstance, we will not distribute the content in that market."