Friday, January 14, 2022

Anaconda is again free on e as South African viewers fume over's obsession with the poison-pic(k).

by Thinus Ferreira

After having shown it dozens of times and promising never to do so ever again, Jennifer Lopez will once again do the mambo with a big mamba on Saturday night - "only free on e" - when will once again broadcast the 1997-film Anaconda at 20:00.

The schlock-horror film starring Ice Cube, Jon Voight and J.Lo has been the TV gift that kept on giving to for years, with every broadcast that drew millions of viewers to the channel every single time schedules it.

On Thursday, suddenly announced on social media, by only displaying a film still of Anaconda, that it would once again be the Saturday night movie.

The respawning of Anaconda comes 8 years after promised that it would never be showing Anaconda again when the channel did a "final premiere" of the horror film in June 2014.

Eight years ago teased in a TV promo to hype Anaconda's "final" broadcast: "You've seen it once. You've seen it twice. You've seen it eighteen times. It's the movie that just won't die."

In reality, Anaconda has been shown much more than 19 times, with multiple same-week repeats across different timeslots after each airing; as well as rebroadcasts on's digital sister channels like eMovies. 

Similarly, the franchise's sequels like Anaconda: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid never left; shown annually and multiple times in 2021.

Later on Thursday, mercilessly started trolling people on social media after South Africans - including various politicians and celebrities - started to complain very vocally about Anaconda and accusing of constantly rebroadcasting old content. didn't respond to a media made Thursday about Anaconda's return to the channel's schedule.