Monday, July 19, 2021

CORONAVIRUS. Covid-19 cases shutter production on Netflix's Bridgerton and HBO's House of the Dragon in Britain.

by Thinus Ferreira

Two TV series filmed in the United Kingdom have shuttered production after Covid-19 positive cases with filming of the second season of Bridgerton on Netflix that is indefinitely on hold, and with production that has also been paused for a few days on HBO's Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon.

Bridgerton, produced by Shondaland through Household Pictures, shut down on Thursday due to a Covid-19 positive case, restarted on Friday, but then shuttered production indefinitely after a second Covid-19 positive case, according to The New York Times.

Netflix didn't want to say whether it is crew or cast who had positive Covid-19 results, as cases of the more contagious Delta-variant of the coronavirus is fuelling thousands of new cases in the global pandemic.

House of the Dragon, a prequel fantasy series from HBO revolving around the House of Targaryen while dragons were still numerous in Westeros, halted production that will resume again on Wednesday, according to Deadline.

Sky News reported that filming of Netflix's film version of Matilda The Musical, also produced in the United Kingdom, has also been partially halted, with Netfix that confirmed that someone in one of the production units tested positive for Covid-19.