Monday, May 3, 2021

New SABC2 game show The Coolest OG’s will pit golden oldies against each other from June.

by Thinus Ferreira

Old ain't cold and from June a new South African TV game show on SABC2 is going to pit elderly contestants against each other who will have to be able to work a cellphone and film challenges from inside their homes.

Produced by the Rebel in Town production company in conjunction with the G2 Connection marketing integration brand, The Coolest OG's will start on SABC2 on Sunday 6 June at 19:30 in which senior citizens will compete against each other to win the ultimate R100 000.

In The Coolest OG's, 12 old people from different cultural backgrounds across South Africa will compete in various tasks after they're sent a package containing a cellphone through which they will get various tasks and instructions each week to complete.

These tasks that the contestants will complete from their homes with family members or influencers who will be allowed to help them, will range from cooking, modeling, music videos, gaming, art, and songwriting.

A contestant will be eliminated every episode after the 4 judges who have watched the end result of tasks discussed how they've fared.

"Just because you're older doesn’t mean that you’re not lit," says Gail Hoffman Parrish, G2 co-founder.

"The older generation can also be cool and have a lot to teach us. We can say the same for the younger generation when it comes to teaching the older folk a thing or two."

The show is a social experiment but it's also terrific insight into the older and younger generations which will of course lead to spectacular and unforgettable TV moments."