Wednesday, April 7, 2021

WarnerMedia's kids TV channel Boing gets a refreshed on-air look from 10 April including a flexible new 'chameleon-like logo'.

by Thinus Ferreira 

WarnerMedia's kids entertainment channel Boing that is available in 19 African countries is getting a refreshed on-air look from 10 April.

WarnerMedia says that Boing has "redesigned its playfulness" after working closely with children from the channel's core target market and that Boing will introduce a new "chameleon-like logo".

The well-known red Boing logo isn't changing in itself but is going to be used in a different and inventive way going forward, giving the Boing brand's new visual identity an added level of playfullness.

The Boing logo on-screen will change into an array of different Boing logos with different backgrounds going forward.

Boing is aimed at girls and boys aged 4 to 14 years old and has a range of shows and franchises, including popular comedy and action shows, such as international animated hits like Sonic Boom, Dragons and The Jungle Bunch; 90’s classics including Codename KND, Dexter’s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo; and others, for example, Angelo Rules, Uncle Grampa and Oswaldo.

A massive icon library that can be changed and adapted according to the brand's modernised visual language has been developed and features over 320 graphical elements, including 150 Boing brand stickers aligning the shows that kids love with the channel.

"With just the right amount of childhood chaos, the new, flexible logo can be updated into many different variants working across all the different platforms on which the channel is featured, giving Boing viewers in Africa something to look forward to every single day," says WarnerMedia Africa.

"The new-look Boing is a fun-filled playground where kids can take ownership of the brand, finding themselves surrounded by a palette of stickers, icons, and other doodles allowing fans to add their own element of chaos to create unique looks that reach a new level of excitement and fun," says Ariane Suveg, kids content director for France and Africa.

"With this new fun-filled identity, Boing is now even more connected and in step with the world of our young viewers: Dynamic, inclusive, and constantly evolving."

Boing has acquired new exclusive programming and from April viewers can look forward to Boing Sunday Marathons at 13:30 every week, including the escapades of a group of 10-year olds in Codename KND on 11 April, Uncle Grampa on 18 April, the tale of Maurice the penguin in The Jungle Bunch on 25 April, and the 11-year old in Angelo Rules on 2 May.