Thursday, February 11, 2021

I've seen the first episode and here are 5 spoiler-free reasons why you definitely want to watch the start of The Bachelorette SA on M-Net tonight.

by Thinus Ferreira

Under strictest secrecy, TVwithThinus got to see and preview the first episode of The Bachelorette SA that will debut this evening at 19:30 on M-Net, with Qiniso Van Damme as South Africa's first bachelorette. 

While I can't and won't reveal any spoilers so as to save surprises for the actual broadcast, I can reveal these 5 reasons, after having watched the episode, of why you'll definitely want to watch the first episode: 

1. No city mansion
We can't reveal yet where they're staying but the men meeting Qiniso Van Damme are no longer starting their stay at a traditional mansion – at least it doesn't look like a mansion at first glance and almost like a holiday resort. 

In tonight's first episode Jason Greer reveals where the show is starting from and where the men are staying. 

The change was partly necessitated by the need to find an even bigger place where the show could create a "bubble production" and isolate everyone as part of the show according to Covid-19 prevention and health regulations.

2. Not dimming her light
Qiniso Van Damme will explain exactly who she is looking for in the first episode and what she requires in a romantic life partner.

3. A surprise from her past
There is a big and interesting surprise from Qiniso's past that will get revealed in the first episode. No, it's not a family member, and no, it's not an old lover or someone she's dated in the past.

4. Masking up
Since the season was filmed during Covid, you will see some people on-screen wearing masks. Although you won't see them, the production crew, and even the limo driver sitting in front and delivering the men to the red carpet, wore masks during filming.

5. Twists
The first episode already contains a big and unexpected twist. It comes at the end of this first episode. If you think you know The Bachelorette – you know nothing Jon Snow – which actually reminds us: Keep watching for one of the men who will do some Game of Thrones cosplay.