Friday, March 3, 2017 and OpenView HD dumping its eKasi+ channel; will be replacing it with a new channel with more international programming. and its Platco Digital's free-to-air satellite TV service, OpenView HD (OVHD) will be dumping the eKasi+ channel also carried on pay-TV operator StarSat and will be replacing the failed channel with a new packaged channel carrying more international content.

So far there's been nothing from or OpenView HD about the channel being dropped within weeks and what will be replacing it, although TVSA scooped that the new channel replacing eKasi+ will be called Extra. and OVHD has done little to no communication for the eKasi+ and other channels carried on the platform, so it's little wonder that yet another under-performing channel on OpenView HD is now biting the dust after several channels on OpenView HD were canned in 2016 when it couldn't find viewer traction.

According to TVSA the channel replacing eKasi+ - that originally targeted  urbanised viewers with local content - will now be packed with a lot of international content, and a smattering of local shows like repeats of soaps like Rhythm City and Scandal!.

eKasi+ will go lights out on 31 March with Extra starting on 1 April.

eKasi+ was one of the original channels, and an packaged channel, that launched on the OpenView HD platform in October 2013.

When asked on Friday afternoon about eKasi+ shutting down, said it will be issuing a press release.