Monday, September 26, 2016

Public pressure group Right2Know calls on all advertisers to boycott the SABC over unprecedented crisis, calls Hlaudi Motsoeneng 'petty narcissist ruling with absolute impunity'.

The public pressure group Right2Know is calling on all advertisers advertising on the SABC to immediately stop all their ad spend and to start a boycott of the embattled South African public broadcaster, saying the "rampant financial mismanagement" at the SABC must stop.

Right2Know is calling on all advertisers that are advertising on the SABC's TV channels and radio stations to boycott the SABC until the unprecedented crisis has been dealt with.

In a statement Right2Know released on Monday, the organisation calls the controversial SABC boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng "a petty narcissist who continues to rule with absolute impunity".

Right2Know calls the crisis at the SABC unprecedented.

"Rampant financial mismanagement is to blame and can be seen in, among other things,  the massively inflated salary bill for top management and the recent ego-stroking Thank You SABC Concert that turned out to be an enormous and costly flop".

The Right2Known campaign is planning public protests on Wednesday at the SABC's headquarters in Auckland Park, as well as at the offices of big advertisers who continue to advertise on SABC airwaves.

"Under these circumstances, to be advertising with the SABC is to encourage gross mismanagement and unlawfulness," says Right2Know.

"Hlaudi Motsoeneng is where he is simply because he is so eager to lick the boots of his political masters and use the SABC to spin their 'good stories'," says Right2Know.

Right2Know says South Africans deserve a well-funded public broadcaster with the resources to fulfill its mandate, based on accountability and transparency.