Friday, August 5, 2016

The SABC - that just turned 80 this week - now offers South Africa's TV licence payers, as a 'reward', free funeral cover of R7 500.

The SABC now offers South Africa's TV licence payers free funeral cover.

The SABC that turned 80 years old this week, says the free funeral cover is a new reward for loyal paying SABC TV licence payers.

Currently just under a third of all TV households in South Africa pay or has a valid SABC TV licence as mandated by law, with the crisis-riddled public broadcaster owed billions in outstanding licence fees.

The SABC is set to report its new financial statements to parliament next month and the beleaguered broadcaster will likely once again show, as in all previous years, exorbitant amounts spent on lawyers to try and chase down licence fee collections.

The SABC announced that SABC TV licence payers now qualify for free funeral cover of R7 500, or a free online training course to "assist with skills development and enriching people's lives".

A SABC TV licence payer, after having payed a licence, can claim free funeral cover through a website.

The SABC says it will "ensure that its public funding is utilised for content that is inspiring and uplifting for every South African citizen,from education to drama, sport and news and information that is compelling and entertaining".