Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Connie Chiume let go from Quizzical Pictures' soap Rhythm City after 8 and a half years; will continue to act and focus on farming.

Actress Connie Chiume is gone from's soap Rhythm City, let go after 8 and a half years from the Quizzical Pictures Production.

As usual with South African soap opera departures,, like other broadcasters, doesn't want to specify whether the actress was fired, resigned or whether the role ended because of creative reasons.

UPDATE: She was fired, saying: "It is how the script was written and one cannot argue with the writers. It was my time to go. It is not nice."

A statement by gives the press and South Africa's TV industry no indication of why Connie Chiume is actually gone from Rhythm City.

The actress also left a while ago already ending her time on set in February already, but is only making the announcement today that the actress' last scene on-screen will be on Wednesday, 20 April.

Connie Chiume isn't retiring from acting, she just won't be acting on Rhythm City anymore.

All that's missing in the modern age of email and the loving and florally infused parting announcements between soap star and soap as yet another South African financial year came to and end and a lot of actors' contracts are not renewed, is actual scented paper.

Connie Chiume will now focus on farming and continue to act - just not on Rhythm City where she was one of the original cast members since 9 July 2007.

'This departure will allow me to pick up on things that were left undone," says Connie Chiume in a statement. "I am grateful for the time and experience with Rhythm City and I believe I was born to be an actress, it's in my blood. Parting is such sweet sorrow, and I will miss my Rhythm City family".

"We are very sad to say goodbye to Connie who has been one of the show's cornerstone characters," says Yula Quinn, Rhythm City series producer.

"The brilliance and talent she brought to the soapie in her role as Mamokete, has been an inpiration to many. We will miss her on the Rhythm City set and on our screens."