Friday, September 18, 2015

SABC warns its staff that those who got a Springboks T-shirt must wear it every Friday - 'will be viewed in a serious light' if you got one and don't wear it.

The SABC is warning its staff in an internal communique today that those who got given a SpringboksT-shirt to tie in with the Rugby World Cup 2015 better wear it every Friday - and any non-compliance will be seen "in a serious light".

The SABC gave T-shirts to some workers but those who don't wear their hand-out every Friday to work for the duration of the Rugby World Cup 2015, will apparently be in trouble.

The SABC, always addressing its staff as "First Citizens", sent a communique today to remind workers to wear their Springboks T-shirts for the duration of the Rugby World 2015 "every Friday".

"Please note that if you have been allocated the T-shirt and do not wear it, this will be viewed in a serious light," the SABC warned staff.

"Heed the call and rally behind the Bokke!" says the internal SABC message.