Friday, June 28, 2013

BREAKING. TopTV ends its own Top Explore channel, replaces it with Spark as a new factual entertainment channel from July.

On Digital Media (ODM) is dropping a third self-compiled "Top" channel from the South African pay-TV operator's channel line-up but is replacing it immediately with a new third-party channel, Spark, from 1 July, which won't be carrying the "TopTV" name.

Spark which was started in April 2011 will replace Top Explore on the same channel number 300 on TopTV, although it is in reality still being supplied by the same German-based supplier who packaged Top Explore for TopTV.

TopTV in April immediately discontinued its Top Junior and Top Movies +24 channels  and has so far not announced any replacements for those channels.

Top Explore was a self-compiled factual entertainment channel for TopTV and Spark, provided by Autentic, also covers a wide range of factual entertainment genres like science, technology, nature, biology, history, travel, archeology and adventure.

"Spark is the new brand for our existing documentary channel Top Explore," says Ian Woodrow, the vice president for channels at TopTV in a statement.

"Subscribers will still see many of the programmes which they have enjoyed on Top Explore in the past but will also be impressed with the new programming that has been secured for the channel."

The German-based supplier of the channel is keeping the already licenced content on Spark for TopTV and will be adding some additional documentary programming together with the name change.