Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BREAKING. MultiChoice continues to achieve strong growth for its DStv pay TV service; now has 5,6 million subscribers in Africa.

The pay TV platform MultiChoice has grown by 684 000 subscribers in the year and the total numbers of MultiChoice subscribers now stands at 5,6 million households, according to Naspers' provisional financial report for the year ending March 2012, which was just released.

Revenues of the pay TV business is up 15% to R24,1 billion, while trading profits grew 11% to R6,3 billion.

In South Africa the gross base added 492 000 subscribers to some 4 million households, of which 293 000 new DStv subscribers came from MultiChoice's lower priced DStv Compact bouquet.

Despite a disastrous launch DStv BoxOffice has proved a major success for MultiChoice, with the pay TV platform citing an average monthly rental of a staggering 300 000 movies being rented per month.

In the rest of Africa, MultiChoice grew its subscriber base by 192 000 DStv subscribers to 1,6 million homes in the past year.

More news and analysis at the end of the day when I have had time to go through everything, read and study up on it all.