Monday, March 26, 2012

BREAKING. The new AfricaMagic channels from M-Net to debut its new look and genre-specific content from 16 April.

Here is the brand-new AfricaMagic logo when the current AfricaMagic channels on DStv changes and expands from 16 April in the rest of Southern Africa to genre-specific channels - something M-Net is also planning for the M-Net channels within South Africa later this year (around September I'm told by sources).

The roll-out is very impoartant since the AfricaMagic change is the precursor and the template of how M-Net will be changing and expanding the set of M-Net named branded channels within South Africa.

AfricaMagic will become the flagship channel as a general family entertainment TV channel from 16 April. The M-Net channel as seen in Southern Africa will focus on international movies and series

Magic World will also be changing and become part of the AfricaMagic ''group'', being the rebranded AfricaMagic World channel.

 I'm waiting to hear, but it seem that this change will affect the Magic World channel (DStv 112) as seen in South Africa on DStv. I'm also waiting to hear how, if at all the current two AfricaMagic channels - AfricaMagic (DStv 114) and AfricaMagic Plus (DStv 115) - will change. Will DStv only change their logos, or not? Or are South African viewers perhaps losing both these channels, as well as Magic World? I'm waiting on an answer.

AfricaMagic Movies will be a new TV channel (not seen in South Africa), willrun for 24 hour a day, have a heavy focus on Nollywood movies and African movies with a strong traditional feel. 
Then there's AfricaMagic Movies 1 (yes, oddly enough not AfricaMagic Movies 1 and AfricaMagic Movies 2) which is also another new TV channel M-Net is doing for Africa. AfricaMagic Movies 1 will shown contemporary Africa movies with the latest stars.

AfricaMagic Entertainment is another brand-new channel as I've said before, which will now house allof the local productions, like the soaps,drama series, lifestyle and talk shows as well as comedy. Shows such as Big Brother Africa, Tinsel and Jacob's Cross will henceforth be seen on AfricaMagic Entertainment, and moves away from the M-Net channel.
The region specific English language AfricaMagic channels - AfricaMagic Hausa, AfricaMagic Swahili and AfricaMagic Yoruba - will continue to be shown in the different regions as it is now.