Thursday, December 22, 2011

BREAKING. M-Net creating the new top-executive position of Director: Movie Channels to look after the pay broadcaster's movie channels.

M-Net is creating a brand-new top-level executive position entitled Director: Movie Channels with the person who will be answering and reporting directly to M-Net CEO, Patricia van Rooyen.

The Director: Movie Channels will be overseeing all of the pay TV broadcaster's internal operations across all movie channels and will be responsible for the scheduling, marketing, budgets and staff development of M-Net's movie channels as a separate division as well as driving the success of M-Net's movie offering from the head office in Randburg.

M-Net's movie channels and the movies acquired for its general entertainment TV channels are seen by over 5 million subscribers across Africa.

The Director: Movie Channels will have to lead the internal operations of the movie channels and will have to have a firm grasp of consumer movie tastes, will have an in-depth knowledge and love of movies, full understanding of intellectual property rights, experience in marketing in the movie world as well as experience in television and knowledge of studios structures and offerings.