Tuesday, November 29, 2011

26% of DStv Premium subscribers sign up for DStv BoxOffice; breakdown of MultiChoice's latest PVR subscriber numbers.

I have more titbits from today's interim financial results from Naspers that includes its pay TV subsidiary MultiChoice, for the 6 months until 30 September 2011:

Without providing specific subscriber numbers, DStv BoxOffice, MultiChoice's video-on-demand (VOD) service that was launched late in July 2011, managed to get a whopping 26% of DStv PVRs registered by the end of September 2011.

Since DStv BoxOffice for now is only available to DStv Premium subscribers, it means that a quarter of all DStv Premium subscribers in South Africa are registered on the service after just over 2 months which is phenomenal.

Out of the new 209 248 DStv subscribers within South Africa that signed up for pay TV with MultiChoice, DStv Premium grew (accounts for) 2%, DStv Compact grew by 13%, DStv Select grew by 18%. Subscribers using a PVR decoder grew by 19%.

MultiChoice's PVR subscribers in South Africa have increased from 416 665 PVR subscribers in September 2010 to 571 098 PVR subscribers by September 2011.

MultiChoice's PVR subscribers in Africa have increased from 73 739 PVR subscribers in September 2010 to 89 177 PVR subscribers by September 2011.

M-Net analogue viewers are sharply continuing to decrease. M-Net analogue viewers went from 98 677 in September 2010 to 73 549 by September 2011.

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