Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BREAKING. SABC1 publicity manager denies the channel wanted to move soap to SABC3, despite her channel head Leo Manne who said so.

It's seems that at SABC1, executives are out of touch and not all on the same page, with the channel's spokesperson now calling it ''rumours'' when her very own channel head told the press earlier this year that SABC1 plans to move The Bold and the Beautiful to SABC3 - a plan the SABC eventually didn't get to because the broadcaster ran out of time.

TV with Thinus broke the news in April that SABC1 planned to move The Bold and the Beautiful to SABC3 and into Isidingo's timeslot of 18:30.

SABC1's channel head, Leo Manne, told advertisers, media buyers and the press about this plan in April himself. Then last month RIGHT HERE I wrote that the plan has been scrapped because different SABC divisions took too long to actually plan the move carefully.

Lefa Afrika, SABC3 programming manager, told TV with Thinus in September about the move of The Bold and the Beautiful: ''No, no. Not happening anymore.''

Now SABC1's publicity manager, Vukile Madlala, seems either clueless about this, or is deflecting. Tonight quotes Vukile Madlala now denying that there was a plan to move The Bold and the Beautiful from SABC1 to SABC3 - despite her own SABC1 channel head Leo Manne who told the press about the plan.

''The rumours are completely untrue. The Bold and the Beautiful is one of our big investments and our audience appreciates it,'' Vukile Madlala is quoted by Tonight.