Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BREAKING. MasterChef South Africa on M-Net will be co-produced for the pay broadcaster by Curious Pictures and Lucky Bean Media.

I broke the news RIGHT HERE in July that M-Net will be producing a local version of MasterChef, MasterChef South Africa, and last week I asked M-Net about it again. M-Net today said that the pay broadcaster has decided that MasterChef SA will be a co-production between Curious Pictures as well as Lucky Bean Media.

M-Net auditions for MasterChef South Africa will take place in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. And here's another secret: Donald Clarke is one of the creator producers at Lucky Bean and he was of course the director of Survivor SA on M-Net for the first 3 seasons. Curious Pictures are responsible for TV shows such as The Lab and Top Shayela.

M-Net asked 14 production companies to pitch for MasterChef SA and has now decided on Curious Pictures and Lucky Bean Media who will be putting South African contestants and wannabe chefs through their paces in a South African version of the reality food frenzy show.

TV with Thinus was inundated by readers who wanted to know how to enter MasterChef SA since I broke the news - people with all kinds of suggestions, and people who want it to be 100% South African, those who want 100% South African judges and all kinds of other requests. Well, as those multitude of readers whom I actually answered personally will know, it's not possible to enter for MasterChef South Africa just yet.

When M-Net and Curious Pictures and Lucky Bean Media open the call for entries for MasterChef South Africa, you will know it since M-Net will announce it officially. The pay broadcaster will tell people what to do and how to go about it to enter.