Monday, February 28, 2011

BREAKING. The Food Network prepares a wedding feast with great TV specials for the Royal Wedding of Prince William on 29 April.

You're reading it here first.

I can reveal that The Food Network (DStv 185) is now also onboard with a major one day special programming focus on celebrating the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29 April with a special programming line-up on this day celebrating weddings, food, wedding cakes, battling brides as well as a spectacular wedding special of over-the-top weddings.

I asked for the channel's schedule, worked through it and The Food Network has what can only be described as an utterly awe-inspiring line-up of wedding themed shows planned for 29 April, basically turning the day into an extended television party of epic scope.

On 29 April at 17:40 The Food Network has a Fantasy Weddings special which is a one hour TV special ''featuring the most over-the-top weddings you've ever seen''. The show follows three unique, utterly lavish weddings you have to see to believe. The day however kicks off at 06:50 with two Food Network Caters Your Wedding specials follow each other. That is followed by Food Network Challenge episodes devoted to a ''wedding cakes special'' (09:20), ''ultimate wedding cakes'' (11:00), ''wedding cake surprise'' (12:15), ''surprise engagement cakes'' (16:00), ''extreme wedding cakes'' (18:30), ''national wedding cakes competition'' (20:10) and ''battle of the brides'' (23:30).

Then The Food Network plans special wedding episodes of both Paula's Best Dishes as well as Barefoot Contessa right through the day that's all too brilliantly much to cope with. Paula's Best Dishes looks at ''backyard weddings'' (8:30), ''tie the knot parties'' (10:10) and ''let's party'' (23:00).
Barefoot Contessa's multiple episodes looks at ''Anniversary Dinner'' (8:55 and repeated 19:20) and ''Wedding Anniversary'' (19:45 and repeated 00:20).