Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BREAKING. Idols on M-Net cuts Funeka Peppeta and Zintle Mkwela to trim the top contestants down to ten.

Earlier this evening viewers saw (I was sitting right there in the audience this week) as Funeka Peppeta (24) from Johannesburg and Zintle Mkwela (24) from Durban  got dropped from M-Net's Idols that now has it's top ten contestants.

Idols judge Mara Louw blatantly burst into tears. Then, after the live show was over, she became very angry and upset. The highlight of Tuesday's Idols Results Show was undoubtedly last year's Idols top performers Graeme Watkins and Pixie Bennett who have both found music career success, and both returned to perform. Both did very well and the studio audiences simply loved them.

Graeme Watkins who now has his Graeme Watkins Project, debuted his pacey and very ear friendly new single Music Affair (from his upcoming new album that will be out soon) and interacted like a seasoned pro with the studio audience from the Idols stage. He was wonderful. Likewise the blond Pixie Bennett who now has her Pixie Bennett Band danced on the stage as if she grew up there. Later everyone absolutely buzzed about how well Graeme Watkins and Pixie Bennett both did, how they've matured in such a short time in the hard South African entertainment biz and how they owned the stage.

Now it will be up to the new ten contestants of the sixth season in this reality show who will have to learn to make the Idols stage their own.