Thursday, May 27, 2010

BREAKING. What channels do TopTV subscribers simply love? Discovery Travel & Living, Discovery Science, Investigation Discovery and BET.

You're reading it here first.

According to TopTV, the most popular new TV channels on the pay TV operator's available bouquet are the three new Discovery Networks TV channels as well as BET - while viewers are apparently not too happy with TopTV's own premium entertainment channel Top One (TopTV 150).

I can tell you that since TopTV has started broadcasting at the beginning of the month, the most popular TV channels by far are the three new channels from Discovery Networks - Discovery Travel & Living (TopTV 453), Discovery Science (TopTV 302) and Investigation Discovery (ID) (TopTV 303). These three Discovery channels as well as the black entertainment channel, BET (TopTV 190) top the list. The three Discovery Networks channels together with BET score overall the highest in TopTV subscribers' enjoyment and overall channel satisfaction.

''Feedback from TopTV subscribers are that they simply love the BET channel. The three Discovery channels are very, very popular,'' Melinda Connor, TopTV spokesperson tells me. What TopTV subscribers are however not so happy with, is TopTV's own premium channel, Top One. [Personally I think Top One's start-out schedule is tops for what the channel aims to be.]

''We're getting some complaints about Top One,'' Melinda Connor admits. ''A lot of the people who complain are ex-DStv subscribers. The thing is however that Top One has been constructed with TV viewers and new subscribers in mind who've never before had pay TV. Now we have subscribers who have been pay TV subscribers before and want even more. But we're listening and we're going to improve Top One even though we think its an excellent premium entertainment channel already,'' she says.