Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BREAKING. 3Talk with Noeleen on SABC3 set to relaunch in August ''for the beginning of a whole new season''.

You're reading it here first.

I can exclusively reveal that SABC3's weekday local talk show, 3 Talk with Noeleen, will relaunch in a massive way during August and is getting ready ''for the beginning of a whole new season''.

SABC3 is waiting for the Soccer World Cup to come and go and then 3Talk with Noeleen that is currently celebrating its seven year on air with talk show host Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu will relaunch in a massive way - the biggest since the show started in 2003 with Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu as the host. I can tell you that 3Talk with Noeleen will get a whole new look and feel, a brand-new set and that it will be ''the beginning of a whole new season'' - not just in terms of the show starting a new year, but the direction and scope of the show.

3Talk with Noeleen will relaunch towards the end of August and with all the new changes planned, the talk show, and Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu, will be getting closer than ever before to her guests as well as the viewers at home.

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