Monday, December 28, 2009

BREAKING. Survivor SA Santa Carolina leaves holidaymakers, tour operators and fishermen very upset.

You're reading it here first.

Overseas holiday makers at the luxury Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa where the production crew from Survivor SA Santa Carolina also stayed are complaining bitterly about how they were refused visitation rights to Paradise Island off the Mozambique coast where the 3rd season of Survivor SA was filmed.

Also complaining are tour operators in the area of the Bazaturo island, as well as several local fishermen as well as vacationing fishermen whose fishing expeditions were disrupted because of the production ann the noise.

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Hotel guests at the Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa are peeved about the way they went all the way there, only to be informed that they can't visit the ''jewel of the Mozambique archipelago'', Paradise Island.

Hotel guests, many of whom were foreign tourists, were kept away from Paradise Island during the middel of November until mid December. They talk of the horrible way they were informed that they can't visit the special island because of the TV production currently taking place there. Several hotel guests did find out that ''Survivor was being filmed there'' and was angry and upset that ''a TV show is spoiling our vacation''.

Tour operators were also upset at what they perceived to be preferential treatment by both people from the production crew as well as people in Mozambique when it came to access to certain areas and to certain tour operators being used by the production. Most of them were however super quick in incorporating Survivor SA into their tour schedules and plans.

Although not officially - because they're not allowed to - several tour opertors actively sought out any titbits on Survivor SA to incorporate into their tours and were very quick to see how close they can get to the production as well as to specific places. They were quick to work these into their daily tours, telling tourists with glee what celebrities they have seen, where and what the latest on the production is that Endemol SA was filming in their vicinity.

Seawater fishermen in the area - local who live there, as well as regular visitors to the waters and overseas fishermen were also very upset with the production. Several complained about the disruption to the areas where they can and couldn't put a line in the water as well as the noise - especially from a helicopter and little airplane making constant daily trips between the coast and Bazaruto as well as around Paradise Island.

Finally went well. Caught a few,'' says one fisherman, ''but what caught my eye was the amount of activity on Paradise Island. A chopper and plane were flying in and out at a constant rate. They're busy filming Survivor SA Celebrity. Must say, saw nice bikini's!''

Survivor SA Santa Carolina starts on Wednesday 20 January at 19:30 on M-Net.