Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BREAKING. CNBC Africa turns 1 January 2010 into a brilliant business doccie day.

You're reading it here first.

CNBC Africa (DStv 410) has decided to turn 1 January 2010 into a brilliant doccie day from 07:00 until after midnight. With markets closed the local business TV channel has jam-packed the schedule with really good quality American business documentary programming like Coca-Cola: The Real Story behind The Real Thing, The Fastest Growing Companies of 2009 and many more.

The shows produced by CNBC in America, although geared towards business minded individuals, have very high production values and can be enjoyed by casual TV viewers as well who are interested in the inner-working of companies, market movements and economics.

Click on READ MORE! below for a brief rundown that I have compiled of the awesome doccies you can see on 1 January, what they are about, and what times they will be on.

Fortune Magazine and CNBC presents: The Fastest Growing Companies of 2009

(1 Jan, 09:00)
Find out what companies are growing despite the global recession - and why.

Coca-Cola: The Real Story behind the Real Thing
(1 Jan, 10:00)
CNBC goes inside the world of Coca-Cola to reveal hidden labs, secret archives and the high-tech search for the next blockbuster beverage. Travel to the farthest corners of the globe to discover how Coca-Cola has become the most recognized brand on the planet.

Decade in Review
(1 Jan, 13:00)
See what happened - and when - in the past 10 tumultuous years.

Inside the mind of Google
(1 Jan, 14:00)
Maria Bartiromo enters the world of the world's most popular search engine started by two students who turned their research project into a global technology company.

Meeting of the Minds
(1 Jan, 15:00)
In an unprecedented hour long special, CNBC brings together some of the world's most brilliant decision makers, business leaders and visionaries.

House of Cards
(1 Jan, 20:00)
A brilliant hour in which David Faber looks at the origin of the global financial crisis: the American housing bubble. He talks to home owners, mortgage brokers, investment bankers and investors - most of whom allowed greed to blind them, leading to the greatest financial collapse in America since The Great Depression.