Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The MultiChoice-Netflix Upside Down explained: You can now watch or add Netflix through DStv - this is exactly how it works.

by Thinus Ferreira

It's not as difficult to do as trying to kill a demogorgon. MultiChoice's new DStv Explora Ultra decoder is the first set-top box that gives DStv subscribers the option to sign in with their existing Netflix account to watch Netflix through the DStv decoder, or to sign up for Netflix for the first time - and this is exactly how getting or watching Netflix through DStv now works:

There are basically two main ways you can now watch Netflix content through the DStv Explora Ultra decoder: Firstly, you can do so either with your already-existing Netflix account you're already paying in which case you just log in on the app with nothing that changes for you.

Secondly, you can sign up for a new Netflix account through the DStv Explora Ultra decoder, where you can choose to add the payment for it in rand to your monthly DStv bill.

In the case where you already have a Netflix account you don't pay anything more or extra to watch Netflix through the DStv Explora Ultra decoder besides what you're already directly paying to Netflix. If you already have a Netflix account, just open Netflix, sign in and start stream watching.

In the second case where you're signing up for Netflix through DStv - since MultiChoice is literally adding Netflix in what the biz calls an "add-in" - you will be able to also unsubscribe from Netflix and cancel it again at any time, irrespective and independently from your DStv bill. You're not forced to get Netflix and you're not forced to keep Netflix once you've signed up for it.

If you don't already have a Netflix account, the only way to add a Netflix account through MultiChoice to your DStv account, is through the DStv Explora Ultra decoder. 

You press the new white apps button on the DStv remote control, select Netflix and sign up. Payment will automatically be added to your DStv account using your existing payment method.

If you have had a Netflix membership before but it expired, MultiChoice now makes it possible to restart your membership through the DStv Explora Ultra. You go to the Netflix app, select "Join now" with your existing login and password and then "add" your expired Netflix account to your DStv account.

Not that it matters or makes a difference to you, but if you're asking or wondering - MultiChoice makes a commissioning fee from Netflix for every DStv customer who signs up or that it signs up through the DStv Explora Ultra - although it doesn't cost the actual DStv subscriber more to sign up this way. 

If you're wondering, yes it is also possible to make payment with a Netflix voucher if Netflix has been added to your DStv account - you will however have to input and make this payment with Netflix by going to add the voucher details on the netflix website into your account.

Of course once you've signed up for Netflix through a DStv Explora Ultra, you will be able to watch Netflix through your decoder - but you will now also be able to watch Netflix through a smartphone or laptop or other supported devices since the Netflix account belongs to you.

Some stranger things
Remember that Netflix is and remains a separate company and MultiChoice is and remains a separate company. 

Like the shops in Starcourt Mall, MultiChoice is just letting Netflix be a little shop with horror and other series inside its bigger shopping centre. Therefore, you can't get a refund from MultiChoice (the mall) if you haven't used a whole month of Netflix (the specific shop).

At the moment, you can add one Netflix membership per DStv subscription per DStv Explora Ultra - for instance: if you have one DStv Explora Ultra decoder on your DStv account, you can add one Netflix membership to it.

If you have two DStv Explora Ultra decoders linked in XtraView on your account you can still just add one Netflix membership to your overall DStv account. If you have two DStv Explora decoders on your account but they are not linked in XtraView - for instance one is yours and one is your mom's - you can add 2 Netflix memberships to your DStv account.

So, what happens when your DStv subscription becomes inactive because of non-payment or because you've disconnected it? Well, your Netflix will actually continue - meaning you will still be able to watch it, but only until your next Netflix renewal date, meaning it will disconnect when you're supposed to pay for it again.

If you want to continue using Netflix, you will need to go to Netflix to restart your membership.

Also, if you later want to keep Netflix but want to stop paying for it through your DStv account, you will need to change your method of payment through Netflix at netflix.com/account - the same if you decide you want to cancel Netflix.

So what happens when you pay for Netflix through your DStv account and now you sell your DStv Explora Ultra? It will sound complicated but it isn't really. 

Since your DStv subscription on the DStv Explora Ultra would first need to be cancelled, your Netflix will automatically be disconnected on your next Netflix renewal date. Then, if you want to continue using Netflix, you will need to go to the Netflix website, select another payment method and restart your Netflix membership.

Something else to keep in mind: Your DStv and Netflix subscription dates could fall on the same dates but they could very well be and very likely will actually be different dates. Netflix does not cater for pro rata payments. 

The date that you sign up for Netflix is when the binge-watching starts, so this date automatically becomes your Netflix renewal date. A DStv subscriber who have added Netflix to their existing bill to pay one amount in rand, will however only be making one payment to MultiChoice, with that payment date being the DStv payment date.

Who you gonna call if Netflix is blocked, ghostbusters? If your payment is through DStv, you contact MultiChoice. If you pay Netflix directly, you will need to contact Netflix.