Thursday, August 8, 2019

After Openview's Open News channel is rebranded to news the channel is name-changed again to News&Sports.

After the Open News channel on eMedia Investments' Openview service was changed to news this week Monday the channel has apparently yet again been name-changed to now being the News&Sports channel. didn't announce the latest channel name change from news to News&Sports but on Thursday said the News&Sports channel on the Openview free-to-air satellite service will now include sports coverage as well.

News&Sports retains the channel number of 120 on Openview where Open News was carried. was asked for a channel logo for News&Sports but as the time of publication of this article didn't supply one. A channel logo will be added when received from

With the change from Open News to news and now News&Sports, didn't specify what other content on the channel is changing.

At its launch 8 months ago in November 2018, said that Open News would carry TV news content from the TRT World (Turkey), CGTN (China) and France24 news channels. was asked whether some of the news content on what was Open News and is now News&Sports have been changed or removed and what exactly is now being show on the channel besides the news programming block.

At the time of publication didn't respond but information will be added when it's received.