Saturday, July 13, 2019

Nigerian Muslim group calls for 'satanic' Big Brother Naija and its 'immoral inmates' on MultiChoice's DStv to be banned; viewers react with hilarious comments.

A Muslim group in Nigeria has called on the West-African country's government to ban the latest season of the Big Brother Naija reality show broadcast on DStv across across Africa, describing the contestants as "immoral inmates" and saying "the satanic TV show" is a platform of "nudity, shamelessness and open promiscuity".

In an open letter on Friday to Nigeria's national assembly, the Muslim Rights Concern's (Muric) director, Ishaq Akintola calls for the 4th season of the reality show to be banned that is shown on MultiChoice's DStv and GOtv satellite pay-TV platform in Nigeria, as well as across sub-Sahara Africa, including South Africa.

Within Nigeria, the group is known for its outrageous claims and often outlandish arguments. After its statement, other Nigerians, including Muslim viewers, quickly voiced their opinions saying they don't support Muric's statement.

As before, Big Brother Naija carries an 18 age restriction, with DStv and GOtv decoders that come with a parental PIN lock mechanism on the subscription television service.

In March 2017 a Nigerian doctor and DStv subscriber unsuccessfully tried to get a court interdict against MultiChoice and M-Net when he wanted the "obnoxious broadcast" on DStv to stop because his kids and family couldn't stop watching the "repugnant" reality show.

On Friday Muric in its statement said that "We are being forcibly dragged to a world of nudity, shamelessness and open promiscuity. Inmates of Big Brother Naija kiss, romance, and engage in sex openly. Big Brother Naija is Bohemian, anti-social, crude and immoral," says Muric in its statement.

"This reality show is dragging our children into a life of moral debauchery. It is deleting the word ‘shame’ from their vocabulary. Big Brother Naija has alienated our youth from the elders. A yawning lacuna now exists between the young and the old. Irreversible social crisis looms."

"The daughters of Jezebel are here already. Unless the authorities move with the speed of lightning, human dignity in Nigeria is going, going, going! Do we not realize that for every single Big Brother Naija inmate who wins a big amount of money and a car, more than 50 million young people are misled?" said Ishaq Akintola.

"Already, the desperate quest for wealth, by all means, has gripped Nigerian youth like hay fever. It has railroaded them into Yahoo Yahoo, ritual killings and a museum mentality for the collection of female panties. Where exactly are we going?"

"This development calls for serious concern and we are deeply concerned. Muric calls for an immediate and total ban on this satanic television show. We charge the ministry of information and culture to move swiftly against Big Brother Naija before moral debauchery becomes Nigeria’s middle name."

"Nigerian youth must be protected from themselves and the time to do so is now. We invite the national assembly to intervene immediately and we appeal to traditional rulers to add their voices to this campaign."

Hilarious reactions
On social media Nigerians told Muric to stop interfering with their pay-TV show which is voluntary to watch.

“When will Muric tell Buhari to stop northerners from marrying toddlers and teenagers?” asked one.

Another said “Big Brother Naija is a paid TV station, if you don't like it watch Nat Geo Wild. Some of our moral leaders are assaulting women and getting protected. Muric, where is this energy when there is suffering and killing in the land?”

“I’m a Muslim,” said Adeleke, “a very proud one to be exact, but the truth is that we have some very annoying conservative Muslims like Muric,this Big Brotjer Naija thing is a choice, that's why its being showed on DStv, not local stations, Nigeria is not an Islamic country”. 

Boboye said “People that are proud of watching Big Brother Naija can only write tweets about it. But Muric watched enough to write a 4 page essay because they hate it”.

Udo Enyi said “Dear Muric, more Nigerians die from hunger and depression and many more have no access to TV talk more of cable TV. Direct this energy at pressuring this government to make good policies that will have a positive impact on the people. Big Brother Naija is the least of our problems”.