Thursday, December 20, 2018

Natural history series, Dynasties, on BBC Earth ending Sunday with a special 'Making of' 6th episode as BBC film crews reveal their difficulties and challenges capturing the jaw-dropping wildlife scenes.

The BBC' new natural history series, Dynasties, with Sir David Attenborough as narrator will end this Sunday on BBC Earth (DStv 184) at 16:00 with a special "Making of" 6th episode, revealing some of what went happened behind-the-scenes of the 5 episodes, how the unexpected and jaw-dropping moments were captured and some of the difficulties the various film crews experienced.

For each of the 5 episodes from the BBC Natural History Unit, covering a chimpanzee leader in West-Senegal (309 days), penguins in Antarctica (11 months there, 6 months filming), an African lioness in Kenya (420) days), a painted wolf mother and daughter in Zimbabwe (669 days) and a tiger in India (220 days), various film crews literally spent hundreds of days each in the various locations, filming thousands of hours of footage.

The various film crews, tracking five of the world's most celebrated and endangered animals on Earth, had no idea how events would play out as the animals fought for their own survival and the future of their families against overwhelming odds.

The 6th "Making of" episode of Dynasties will show how the film crews not only battled nature and harsh weather circumstances and other environmental challenges, but also encountered unpredictable animal behaviour and caught never-before-seen animal behaviour on film.

The special episode looks back on key moments in the making of Dynasties and explores the difficulties and triumphs the crew experienced while filming the series.