Monday, December 17, 2018

Former Tanzanian ambassador to South Africa, Ami Mpungwe, wants to become the majority shareholder in MultiChoice Tanzania.

Ami Mpungwe
, Tanzania's former ambassador to South Africa, plans to acquire majority shareholding in MultiChoice Tanzania Limited, according to Tanzania's Fair Competition Commission (FCC).

MultiChoice Tanzania that runs DStv Tanzania and GOtv Tanzania is currently a joint venture between Ami Mpungwe as chairperson, Fabio and Marco Tramontano (represented by Franco Tramontano), and MultiChoice Africa.

Tanzania's FCC announced that Ami Mpungwe intends to acquire majority shareholding in MultiChoice Tanzania.

"The FCC is currently investigating the intended acquisitions in line with the provisions of the Fair Competition Act, 2003, No. 8 of 2003, and the Fair Competition Commission procedure rules, 2013," the FCC said in an announcement posted on the commission's website.