Friday, November 30, 2018

Africa's StarTimes pay-TV operator rebrands its streaming app as StarTimes ON, provides multiple pay-TV channels for free on streaming, including in South Africa.

The Chinese pay-TV operator StarTimes in Africa has rebranded its streaming app as StarTimes ON that is available in several sub-Saharan countries, including South Africa.

The original StarTimes app, now StarTimes ON, provides live streaming of some of the TV channels available on StarTimes and StarSat's channel line-up, some video-on-demand programming, as well as short videos covering news, sports, movies, series, music, entertainment, documentaries, as well as kids and religion programming.

StarTimes ON currently gives access to various degrees to 150 TV channels in 10 languages, with over 140 TV channels that stream through the app for free, although every region, including South Africa, has a different selection.

This includes channels like BBC World News, France24, FOX News, Bloomberg, AMC Movies, FOX Life, Passions TV, Baby TV and National Geographic.

Localised TV channels in various African countries like NTA, ZNBC, TVM, TBC, KTN, RTI and RTs, are available on StarTimes ON in their respective countries.

StarTimes also makes available its 40 self-packaged and branded Star or ST channels, including ST Novela Plus, ST Nollywood Plus, ST Dadin Kowa, ST World Football, ST Sport Premium on StarTimes ON.

StarTimes ON also has multiple sports matches, including World Cup, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, UEFA Europa as well as other boxing, rugby, basketball, cricket matches. Viewers can watch live Bundesliga and Ligue 1 football matches, as well as replays and highlights.

"More excellent international and local channels will be put online, and diverse and rich contents will always be the core of StarTimes ON service," says Ariel Lin, StarTimes ON operational director.