Wednesday, July 11, 2018

SAVAGE NO-SHOW. As Naomi Campbell and Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage both ditched SABC3's late night show #WTFTumi, presenter Tumi Morake slams disrespectful Tiwa for her trashy behaviour that left producers scrambling.

The former supermodel Naomi Campbell and the Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage both became no-shows on Monday's episode of the late night talk show #WTFTumi on SABC3 that left producers scrambling, with presenter Tumi Morake slamming the Nigerian artist for simply driving off and calling the disrespectful Tiwa Savage out over her shockingly bad behaviour.

While SABC3 announced that Naomi Campbell would be on #WTFTumi on Monday night's episode, Naomi - although unfortunate - pre-cancelled, with producers who knew with some time to plan, that the former supermodel won't make the show anymore.

Both Naomi Campbell and Tiwa Savage were in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the media launch of some charity thing called Global Citizen Festival where American artists will perform.

While Naomi Campbell cancelled ahead of time, although after SABC3 already made the announcement that she would be on, Tiwa Savage was still booked and a lock to make an appearance on #WTFTumi produced by Urban Brew Studios.

Monday night was supposed to be the celebration of the show's first birthday, with #WTFTumi currently in its second season.

Tiwa Savage on Monday suddenly arrived at the studio simply to tell producers that she will no longer be available to appear on #WTFTumi at 22:00 for the live show.

Urban Brew Studios producers then scrambled to try and do a pre-recorded insert and interview with Tiwa Savage but the Nigerian singer got in her vehicle and sped off, leaving flabbergasted producers behind who had to scramble to try and come up with a new guest.

Tumi Morake slammed Tiwa Savage's trash behaviour and told HuffPost SA that she "quite disrespectfully and unapologetically, arrived, said she wouldn't wait for us to go live at 22:00 and as we scrambled to prerecord her quickly, she drove off".

Tiwa Savage was replaced by singer Simphiwe Dana who filled in for Naomi Campbell and Tiwa Savage's absence.

Tumi Morake explained that #WTFTumi producers create and customise games and other in-show content specifically for who the guests are going to be ahead of time - something that obviously takes time and research.

"When they cancel right there in front of you, it is a huge scramble for everyone and affects other guests. The last minute drop was really uncalled for. I was flabbergasted when I was running to the studio and a crew member comes to me and says, 'she has driven off'. I was like, what? After all of that!"