Monday, July 16, 2018

Discovery's quick-do documentary, Operation Thai Cave Rescue, about the saving of the 12 Thai boys from a flooded cave now set for broadcast on Discovery Channel in South Africa and Africa on Wednesday 18 July.

Discovery quick-do commissioned TV documentary about the rescue of the 12 Thailand boys and their 25-year old soccer coach that gripped audiences worldwide in early-July will now be shown on Discovery (DStv 121) in South Africa, and across the rest of Africa as well, on Wednesday 18 July at 19:00.

Last week Discovery Networks International couldn't say when TVwithThinus asked, if Operation Thai Cave Rescue would also be shown in South Africa, but on Monday DNI confirmed that the hour long special, produced by ITN Productions in the United Kingdom, will be shown locally as well.

Operation Thai Cave Rescue will only be on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday evening, with no broadcast on Discovery Science (320) as well - the other TV channel in the Discovery set the documentary is being shown on in the United States.

Operation Thai Cave Rescue looks at how the boys entered the cave near the Myanmar border and became trapped, how they managed to survive without food or knowing how to swim, as well as the scientific and technical innovations that were used in their rescue. The last boys and their coach were rescued on 10 July after 18 days in the treacherous Thai cave system.

Operation Thai Rescue has Jon Bardin and Andrew O’Connell as executive producers for Discovery, and Ian Russell as executive producer for ITN Productions.

The documentary will include interviews with those involved in the rescue effort, including medical experts and cave diving instructors, explore the living conditions faced by the children who are between the ages of 11 and 16, and how the cave's unique geology - and being flooded - presented so many challenges.

The special looks at the extraordinary scientific and technological innovations used to complete the daring rescue while monsoon rains loomed and rescuers in the cave and above ground plotted their next move, while renowned cave diving instructors and the world's leading cave diving rescue experts paint a full picture of what the boys and their rescuers were experiencing and how the heroic divers pulled off an almost impossible feat.