Monday, May 7, 2018

TV NEWS ROUND-UP. Today's interesting TV stories to read from TVwithThinus - 7 May 2018.

Here's the latest news about TV that I read and that you should read too:

■ Pay-TV woes deepening in the United States as "cord-cutting" continues and traditional pay-TV customers flee and move to things like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
The fundamental shift in consumer behaviour from traditional pay-TV to streaming services are making investors worried that pay-TV companies don't have the right assets and scale in order for them to compete against the new streaming services.

■ "Bush meat" scandal in Ghana as actress Moesha Boduong told CNN she did sex-for-rent with a married man as sexual harassment is as bad in the West African country as its economy.

■ Pay-TV cost to consumers have kept increasing astronomically the past 20 years which is why more and more people are "cutting the cord".
The monthly pay-TV bill increased much faster than salaries the past 2 decades - which means that pay-TV operators are demanding that customers pay nearly double now, than what they did 20 years ago.

MUST READ: Is peak-TV slowly killing TV critics?
There's too much TV now for anyone to keep up with, including the TV critics who are literally paid to do it.

■ Extremely depressing how TV ratings in America continue its nose-dive: Even Roseanne can't save America's tanking live TV viewership anymore.
A play-by-play for each American TV network and its increasing ratings problems.

■ Look! Camel rides and falcon shows (and how much actual reporting?) about MultiChoice's disappointing 5th Digital Dialogue Conference in Dubai.

■ Speaking of which, 4 reasons why digital media is causing the death of television.

■ An unlikely character in Netflix's new Lost in Space is an object of desire.

■ Fraudsters steal N200 million (R6.96 million) from MultiChoice Nigeria.
Three alleged fraudsters - Mor Diop (49), Ekeng Ewa Ekeng (44) and Anabel Adagbasa (26) - in court in Lagos along with Nigcom Network Solution Ltd. after allegedly hacking into DStv Nigeria's DStv and GOtv computer network data and stealing money.

■ American Horror Story and Joan Collins are perfect for each other.

■ Yet another bank in Zimbabwe has had enough and is dumping payments to DStv Zimbabwe.
CABS now also demands that customers bring cold, hard dollars as payment for the MultiChoice Zimbabwe subscription fees - plus a $5 commission fee.

■ Poor thing fired from Motherwell Diagnostics in Nigeria because she couldn't stop watching M-Net's Big Brother Naija at work on DStv and kept tuning the TV set to the show despite warnings not to.
Now she's been sacked from the medical laboratory "in order that you do not become a bad influence on the rest of the workers".