Friday, February 16, 2018

New eBella TV channel targeting women to be added to Platco Digital's OpenView HD and MultiChoice's Dstv from 5 March.

A new TV channel also targeting female viewers, eBella, is set to be added to OpenView HD (OVHD) and DStv from around 5 March.

eBella comes from Platco Digital that runs OpenView HD.

Besides packaging the channel for the OpenView HD free-to-air satellite platform, eBella will also be provided to DStv subscribers as part of the packaged channels deal that MultiChoice has for the set of additional e-branded channels.

The official announcement regarding eBella will be made soon with all the details about the programming that will be on the channel.

The launch of eBella is the first new channel being added to OpenView HD in a while that has scrapped a number of non-owned channels over the past few months.

eBella is also an channel meaning has direct and full control over the channel's content, as well as full responsibility for its performance ratings wise.

The addition of eBella comes shortly after the launch of Moja Love on DStv on Valentine's Day, targeting a black female audience with locally produced programming centred around love and relationships.