Thursday, January 11, 2018

FOX Life adds Spirit as new show from March with so-called psychic Cindy Kruger doing 'readings' with celebrities and viewers.

FOX Life (DStv 126 / StarSat 133 / Cell C black 202) is adding Spirit from March, a new locally South African produced show with the so-called psychic, Cindy Kruger.

FOX Life is following the lead of local South African channels like kykNET, VIA, SABC3 and, as well as E! Entertainment who've produced shows about so-called psychic mediums for its female demographic where they give viewers "readings".

Spirit will start production this month and will feature Cindy Kruger doing so-called psychic "readings" with celebrities across Africa as well as viewers offering them "clarity on certain life events" and giving "insights into their concerns and worries, find closure and perhaps even connect with lost loved ones" - meaning people who are dead.

People booked to appear on Spirit include Anita Erskine, Rozanne McKenzie, Denrele, Pappy Kojo, Navy Kenzo, Kim Jayde and iFANI.