Saturday, June 10, 2017

VIA to rebroadcast PG du Plessis interview on Sunday in rebroadcast of episode of 'n Halfuur met Hanlie.

Following the death this past Wednesday of Afrikaans writer and playwright PG du Plessis (82), VIA (DStv 147) on Sunday will rebroadcast an episode of ’n Halfuur met Hanlie during which she interviewed him.

VIA is reshowing the episode as a tribute to PG du Plessis who've made a massive contribution to not just South Africa's literature but also to the country's TV writing and television industry.

On the television front, especially Afrikaans television in South Africa, PG du Plessis made a massive contribution and will be remembered for shows like Spies & Plessis, P.G. Gesels met..., Ko√∂perasiestories, Anderkant Sesriem, 'n Rand 'n Droom, TJ7, Andries Plak, Dryfsand and Feast of the Univited, Pandjiewinkelstories and Mattewis en Meraai.

He write several films and several of his plays were filmed as movies ranging from Siener in die Suburbs and 'n Seder Val in Waterkloof to Nag van die 19deLiewe hemel, GenisWeerskant die nag and the Bles Bridges biopic The devil and the song.