Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The SABC's SABC Encore channel on DStv is ONCE AGAIN in breach of its MultiChoice contract as it fails to provide proper programming information.

It's no secret that the beleaguered South African Broadcasting Corporation is the problem child sitting in the back of the class struggling to keep up.

2017 is starting off awkwardly for the SABC due to utter laziness and incompetence, with the SABC once again in blatant breach of its MultiChoice contract for SABC Encore (DStv 156) - the apartheid era library channel it supplies to DStv.

Paying DStv subscribers who want to know what is showing on SABC Encore and want actual programme and episode information can't get it for a string of shows since the SABC failed to give that information to MultiChoice, although MultiChoice is paying the SABC to do so.

Once again the SABC Encore programming schedule on the DStv electronic programme guide (EPG) for 2017 simply shows "Channel did not supply programme information".

Keep in mind that this is not new content - it's old stuff. The SABC's programming, library and publicity staff can't even bother to watch their own programming to write short synopsis and programming info, or can't be bothered to provide and send it through.

The result is of course that the SABC shows just how much little it values its own channel and how dismissive it is of SABC Encore - it's own product.

While the SABC treats SABC Encore like irrelevant trash it presumably wants viewers and DStv subscribers to care about the channel that MultiChoice is paying the SABC millions of rands for. Yet it can't bother to do the very basics of providing apt programming descriptions and episode synopsis.

The SABC's incompetence icon and famously matricless boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng signed the MultiChoice contract in which the SABC undertook as part of the contract, to provide programming information for SABC Encore.

On page 25 of the controversial MultiChoice SABC contract, the SABC signed and agreed that "the SABC shall provide MultiChoice South Africa at the SABC's cost with monthly programming highlights and programme information on the channels, including the programme sequence, title, synopsis, duration and details of the programme production" at least 90 days before the start of the month in which it will be shown.

Clearly the SABC isn't doing this and is in breach of its contract with MultiChoice - even on the very day of broadcast, MultiChoice is forced to tell DStv subscribers the SABC "did not supply programme information".

According to the MultiChoice SABC contract, Hlaudi Motsoeneng and the SABC signed that it will ensure its programming information the broadcaster provides to MultiChoice "shall be as accurate as possible".

While the SABC is in breach of its contract with MultiChoice, DStv subscribers who has to pay for it and casually scroll through the line-up, just want to know Mokgonyana Mmatswale is about and what the specific prime time episode will be about - but they can't because the SABC fails to do its job.