Wednesday, July 6, 2016

EMBARRASSING. ANN7 on DStv now so bad it can't even be bothered anymore to provide MultiChoice with a basic programme schedule for DStv subscribers.

ANN7 (DStv 405), the Infinity Media TV news channel on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV from Oakbay Investments has become so bad that it has completely stopped providing any programme guide and schedule to DStv for the online guide or on-screen electronic programme guide (EPG).

For days now ANN7's schedule has reflected empty, with DStv subscribers and ANN7 viewers unable to set recordings for any shows, and unable to know what is or will be showing on ANN7 at all.

ANN7 thinks so little of MultiChoice and DStv subscribers that it doesn't want to or is unable to provide a schedule and can't be bothered to supply one.

With a totally blank EPG for days now on DStv, ANN7 and Oakbay thinks so little of the content and service that ANN7 provides, that it can't be more blatant in signaling to DStv subscribers, investors, MultiChoice and viewers that it doesn't take its own news service, its service quality and what it provides seriously.

There's been no apology or explanation from ANN7 as to why it doesn't have any programme guide anymore, and no media advisory or statement to the press - it's simply not there and ANN7 can't be bothered about the lack of providing one of the very basic tenets of running a TV channel on a pay-TV platform at all.

Recently reports alleged that MultiChoice is getting ready to cut ANN7, something MultiChoice denied, with one of the reasons according to insiders that ANN7 is terrible about properly communicating about its programming.

DStv subscribers can now see for themselves how true it is. ANN7 isn't willing, or completely unable to provide a basic programme schedule to DStv - meanwhile its DStv that actually pays ANN7 to provide a schedule as part of the carriage contract.

MultiChoiceis simply telling DStv subscribers on a blank ANN7 schedule that "in consequence of the fact that the channel has not provided a schedule, MultiChoice is unable to provide EPG information for this channel".