Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SABC3 channel head Aisha Mohamed explains SABC3's new channel logo and look: 'A restoration; we call it a kaleidoscope to reflect the variety'.

SABC3 channel head Aisha Mohamed on Wednesday explained and gave more background regarding the new SABC3 on-air look and new SABC3 channel logo that will come into effect from July 2016.

At a press conference at Auckland Park the new SABC3 on-air look and new, back-to-circular channel logo incorporating a kaleidoscope effect, were unveiled to media - the new look coming a year and 10 months since the channel's previous on-air change in August 2014.

"We thought it would only be fitting to also utilise the opportunity to look at how our brand is perceived in the market," said Aisha Mohamed.

"We felt it necessary to revitalise the look and feel of the channel, simply because we wanted to align with the new strategy and the new focus on growing local stories and local content".

"We spent a lot of time just looking at how our channel is perceived at the moment, and we felt that it really didn't fit very well in terms of our new strategy. So what we've done is we looked at our logo specifically, in terms of the animation and how it flowed."

"We felt that we wanted to look at the aspirational side of what SABC3 is about - also the multiculturalness and South African stories we want to tell. The logo just suddenly didn't speak to all of that".

"So our brief to the agency was to look at how it is that we can provide an aspirational, multicultural tone and how we can bring out that relevance of the South African landscape."

"So the logo went through a little bit of a restoration. We moved from the very sortof square logo that you've got currently on SABC3 to a more circular dimension - we call it a kaleidoscope."

"We wanted it to reflect the variety we've got on the channel specifically about the types of stories. SABC3 still delivers a cross-section of genres, and that was important in the logo build, to make sure that the animation also speaks to that."

"The new logo is very much more circular. It also speaks to the SABC1 and SABC2 logos. It fits a bit more comfortably in terms of the SABC family. It has been developed to showcase a hue of colours that take us from where we are now to a little bit of a more of a variety offering. So there not necessarily one solid colour".

"In terms of the kaleidoscope: just to highlight more and more that the SABC3 brand is evolving and it's changing and the South Africanness and the multiculturalness about SABC3 must come out a lot more," said Aisha Mohamed.