Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SABC News reporter Njanji Chauke attacked by two men with a knife and panga; crossfit journalist manages to outrun them during morning jogging.

The SABC News reporter Njanji Chauke was attacked by two men at the end of February during his morning run.

Njanji Chauke was attacked by two armed men in Northumberland Road in Northriding, Johannesburg on 25 February.

One man came at him with a knife and the other with a panga.

"As I usually do, every second morning or so, I go for a run about 6.5km to a crossfit class, not very far from my house, and then after that I run back, around 6 o'clock," Njanji Chauke reporterd for the SABC.

"It was slightly darker, also a bit misty. Suddenly, as I was running down, I was about 10 minutes away from the gym, I just saw two guys, I just heard their steps actually, coming out of a bushy area nearby."

"I thought it was a fellow runner that was going to run past me. When I looked back, I saw these two guys. The one got this long knife, the other one a huge panga - more like a machete."

"These guys were taking aim at me. I said 'Guys, what are you doing? What do you want? Take whatever you want.' These guys didn't care about what I was saying," said Njanji Chauke.

"When I realised that these guys were actually going to kill me - they started taking shots at me with the knife and machete - luckily I was very active and I started outrunning them."

"I just ran. I just ran for my dear life," said Njanji Chauke.