Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) relaunching in South Africa on 4 March; takes over the Rhema TV channel on MultiChoice's DStv as it expands into Africa.

The Christian Rhema TV (DStv 343) channel on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV service will cease to operate at the end of February with the channel position that is being taken over by Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) that is relaunching in South Africa from 4 March.

Although it will no longer run a TV channel, the existing programming on Rhema TV will be slotted in on TBN. TBN will also expand its reach to the rest of Africa on DStv soon after the South African March relaunch.

TBN says viewers will "get to see the very best in local and international faith and family programmes 24 hours a day".

Rhema and TBN came to an agreement that TBN will take over the Rhema TV channel position on DStv to increase the reach of quality Christian television for Africa.

"TBN has always been part of the Christian fabric of Africa and as we relaunch TBN on DStv in March, it will mark a significant 30 years of TBN broadcasting the Gospel in Africa," says Matthew Crouch, Trinity Broadcasting Networks International chairperson.

According to TBN the DStv channel will be "entirely independent of all ministries and Christian organisations in regards to ownership, operations and leadership of the network".

"It will however work in close relationship with most South African and African ministries across many denominations, to enable the development of new variety Christian content and emerging ministries in order to create a platform for the very best in ministry, worship and Christian programmes for the continent".

TBN plans to broadcast lifestyle, music and youth shows, along with children's entertainment, documentaries and movies.