Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Wendy Williams Show on BET goes to the dogs as production values fail on canine training insert with dog whisperer Cesar Millan - dog poop included.

The Wendy Williams Show on BET (DStv 129) has gone to the dogs with a big on-air fail when a badly planned and executed insert with the famous dog whisperer Cesar Millan turned into a mess - dog doo-doo included.

Viewers are wondering whether a producer of The Wendy Williams Show might get fired over the insert that South African and African viewers can see today on BET at 16:30 and 06:00 when the dog whisperer Cesar Millan dropped by the New York studios.

Wendy Williams episodes are shown within hours in South Africa after its broadcast in America.

Talk show host Wendy Williams brought her own dog Shaq, and viewers with their pooches also dropped in - but the show's producers apparently didn't plan anything around the dogs and failed to adequate prepare for man's best friend and what they need.

No treats nor toys were available to show how to teach dogs to behave. A scramble ensued when the first dog pooped on the astroturf.

Suddenly everyone scrambled to try and find something to scoop the poop. Shockingly the dog's owner Erica left Cesar Millan to pick up the poo, while cameramen suddenly tried awkward angles to not show dog doo-doo on TV.

"What a mess," said Wendy Williams.