Monday, February 15, 2016

Fashion ... hot ... NOT! MultiChoice yanks FashionTV on DStv from the end of the month; Michel Adam's rhinestone channel to go dark on 28 February.

"Fashion ... hot".  Only ... it's not.

It used to be that diamonds at least were forever, only in television even they don't last forever.

FashionTV is quietly going dark at the end of this month, gone from MultiChoice's DStv platform on channel 178 with no explanation so far as to why the Michael Adam channel is no longer ready to wear watch.

Founded by its president, Michel Adam, FashionTV calls itself the biggest fashion medium in the world.

But its the end of the runway for the hot to trot channel that will now be abruptly discontinued on DStv at the end of February.

FashionTV (StarSat 282) is still available on StarSat after the channel went dark for a while in 2015. StarSat also carries the Fashion One (StarSat 179) channel that was started by Michael Gleissner.

So far DStv subscribers are only told in an electronic programme guide (EPG) message on DStv that "Fashion TV will stop airing on 28 February 2016. Thank you for watching".

There's been no explanation from DStv or FashionTV as to why the rhinestone encrusted Eiffel tower  channel is being removed.

Asked why FashionTV is being discontinued and if the channel will be replaced by another similar type channel, MultiChoice tells me: "FashionTV will be replaced by another channel - we will make the relevant announcements soon".

FashionTV didn't respond to a media enquiry.

The demise of FashionTV on DStv follows a year after the Style Network from NBCUniversal International Networks was shuttered on DStv at the end of January 2015.

Goodbye, "midnight haute".