Tuesday, February 16, 2016

CNNMoney International becoming the new CNN International multi-platform franchise hub for its financial and business news reporting.

More than a day late and a proverbial dollar short, the press release from CNN International (DStv 401) regarding CNNMoney's "aggressive global expansion" has finally landed in my inbox ...

... with Africa's media now also finally being informed about the change that already happened.

It comes more than a day after the United Kingdom and America were officially told and Africa once again got left by the wayside.

Why do people in media and in communications, communicate so badly about media to media? It's embarrassing.

"CNN Worldwide announced today ..." starts the press release that I got on Tuesday, although it was actually meant for yesterday, Monday, " "... the expansion of its CNNMoney brand internationally, across both TV and digital, to provide consumers around the world its industry-leading business and financial news and analysis" says CNN International.

"By uniting our portfolio of US and international business reporting under the CNNMoney brand, we now offer an even more compelling product to globally-minded consumers hungry for a smart, accessible business and financial news experience - everywhere in the world," says Mike McCarthy, CNN International's senior vice president and general manager.

Like I had to guess yesterday, the names of programming on CNN International are indeed changing - in fact, it already changed on Monday.

These include CNNMoney View with Nina dos Santos and CNNMoney with Maggie Lake.

CNN International didn't yet bother to actually tell MultiChoice, or MultiChoice didn't bother to update its programming, since the DStv electronic programme guide (EPG) still reflect the old names.

"Also joining the CNNMoney roster are John Defterios, emerging markets editor based in Abu Dhabi; Andrew Stevens, Asia Pacific editor based in Hong Kong, Eleni Giokos, Africa business correspondent based in Johannesburg; and Samuel Burke, CNNMoney business correspondent based in New York".

"The multi-platform editorial teams will be led by Penny Manis, director of global business news programming based in New York, and Mark Thompson, managing editor of CNNMoney International who is based in London".

"More business professionals come to CNN than any other international news brand for news and analysis about how geopolitical events and trends are impacting business, markets and personal wealth," says Antonio Canto, CNN International's vice president for advertising sales.

"The new CNNMoney International franchise will appeal to our African audience and advertisers as we extend our business coverage across TV, online,social and mobile, breaking down the world's most important business, financial and economic news, and getting analysis and perspective from the world's most important thinkers".

CNN International says CNNMoney will "also be the new digital home for our highly successful business feature content" that include African Start-Up, Marketplace Africa, Passion to Portfolio and Africa View.