Monday, February 15, 2016

CNN International takes CNNMoney suddenly international; shows will change names. Can someone possibly just also tell South Africa and Africa?

CNN International is taking its CNNMoney brand international but there's confusion and no actual press release or information explaining the changes African viewers will see on CNN International (DStv 401).

First some backgrouond: CNNfn was a TV business news channel that Turner ran in America and a few other countries, that folded and closed down in December 2004, becoming the CNNMoney website.

That CNNMoney website and brand is now going international online and on TV through CNN International, from now.

Richard Quest - who will be in South Africa again in June hosting a conference - is now getting the title of CNNMoney's editor-at-large.

Richard Quest who is the presenter of the weekday Quest Means Business (of which the name won't be changing) will continue to present his show (and things like CNN Business Traveler).

CNN International programmes like the weekday The Business View with Nina Dos Santos is apparently changing to CNN MoneyView and World Business Today with Maggie Lake is changing to CNNMoney with Maggie Lake.

Perhaps it already happened on Monday's episodes.

Someone should really just tell MultiChoice - where the DStv electronic programme guide (EPG) by Monday night still lists The Business View with Nina Dos Santos and World Business Today for the week on every day.

And then someone can also maybe tell the Journalists Covering Television, so that they can tell readers and people who might want to watch CNN International (or read and watch CNNMoney).

According to The Guardian in London that did get some kind of information from CNN International and Turner, "CNN International is to roll-out the CNNMoney brand globally". That includes the rebranding of CNN International's flagship business shows.

South Africa's Eleni Giokos who has been at CNN International officially becomes CNNMoney's Africa business correspondent based in Johannesburg.

As a journalist I would think that a brand like CNN International would be better at actually communicating something like CNNMoney's international expansion and upcoming programming changes to TV critics and print media, especially if it's a big deal or an important thing.

Perhaps it's not important enough a development for CNN International?

"It is a big day here at CNN," Hala Gorani told CNN International's African viewers on Monday night on the channel.

"CNNMoney is expanding into a new global, multi-platform brand that will bring you the latest in business news," she told viewers.

Richard Quest then said on CNN International that "by joining up with our digital colleagues and creating an international version of CNNMoney, the respected US brand, we are going to be bigger, bolder and badder than ever before".

Hala Gorani asked him how will things change for CNN International viewers, with Richard Quest saying there will be no "blockbuster change".

"[CNNMoney] is going to explain what's happening, it will give it perspective, and it will give it analysis".

Perhaps it will also give a press release or statement sometime to South Africa and Africa's forgotten media.

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