Wednesday, February 17, 2016

April will be Royal Month on ITV Choice with documentaries about the British royal family, including secrets about the Queen and Princess Diana.

April will be Royal Month on ITV Choice (DStv 123) with several documentaries during the month about the British royal family - including the sharing of fascinating secrets about Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana.

When Ant & Dec Met the Prince: 40 Years of the Prince's Trust on ITV Choice on Thursday 14 April at 20:00 tells of a year-long visit the two presenters did to Prince Charles' The Prince's Trust in 2015.

With unprecedented access, this "first and exclusive broadcast in Africa" shows fascinating archive footage mixed with interviews with Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, Camilla and pop star Cheryl Cole, telling the story of the organisation's journey as a youth charity.

The Queen's Worst Year on ITV Choice on Thursday 28 April at 20:00 is an hour long documentary about Queen Elizabeth II's "annus horribilis - 1992 - a year of scandal, tragedy and turmoil for the royal family that stretched the British monarchy's credibility to the breaking point.

From Fergie's topless scandal to Charles and Diana's divorce, to the Great Fire at Windsor, the documentary looks at how the Queen weathered the storms that threw the royal family into a profound identity crisis.

Royal Secrets starting on Friday 15 April at 20:00 is a 10-part half hour series that will be broadcast on ITV Choice in South Africa and Africa "first and exclusive" and within 5 days of being shown in the United Kingdom.

Two episodes will be shown every Friday, back to back.

Each half hour of Royal Secrets will reveal secrets about members of Britain's royal family, with substantial exclusive footage from ITV's Royal Archive.

Ep 1: Edward and MrsSimpson
Ep 2: First Steps (Royal babies)
Ep 3: Royal wives
Ep 4: Born to be King (Prince Charles)
Ep 5: The Queen's Sister (Princess Margaret)
Ep 6: The Man who would be King (Prince William)
Ep 7: The Diana File
Ep 8: Safe Hands (Queen Elizabeth II)
Ep 9: For King and Country (George V)
Ep 10: Royal Mistress (Camilla Parker Bowles)

Prince Philip : The Plot to Make a King on ITV Choice on Thursday 7 April at 20:00 is an hour long documentary as a "first and exclusive in Africa" broadcast telling the inside story of the tensions that were unleashed when Queen Elizabeth II fell in love with Prince Philip.

Young Philip, it was felt, "was rough, ill-mannered, uneducated, and would probably not be faithful," according to one courtier. The documentary draws on unpublished memoirs to show how Philip were maneuvered for a royal marriage as early as 1939 when the Queen was just 13.

Cameraman to the Queen on ITV Choice on Thursday 21 April at 20:00 as a "Queen's Birthday Special" is another "first and exclusive in Africa" documentary that will provide fascinating insight into the work of royal cameraman Peter Wilkinson who has been present at the Queen's public engagements for 18 years.

This documentary highlights his unique relationship with the Queen and shows his work during several royal and state events as he talks about some of the most memorable and poignant royal moments he has filmed.

The Secret Photos of the Duke and Duchess on ITV Choice on Friday 8 April at 20:00 is an hour long documentary that offers new insight into the romance between the King and "the divorcee", revealing for the first time ever more than a 1 000 personal photos that the Duchess of Windsor gave to her gardener on the Duke's death and which have remained hidden until now in a trunk of mementoes.