Friday, February 26, 2016

A SPOON FULL OF SUGAR: eNCA takes and uses News24's Sugar Scale graphic without bothering to give any credit to who did it first.

On Thursday night eNCA (DStv 403) took News24's Sugar Scale graphic of Theuns Kruger from 2015 and blatantly plagiarised it without giving any credit.

eNCA was so lazy in its blatant on-air graphic theft that it couldn't even bother to even slightly amend or change the graphic, using the same graphic even down to the grey teaspoons full of white sugar on yellow columns.

With Prof. Anton Harber taking over as editor-in-chief at eNCA from March, he would be perfectly placed to lecture eNCA staff about plagiarism, and why it's not right to take other journalist's work and showcasing it without giving proper credit.

M-Net's Carte Blanche did a sugar story in 2015 and used the same graphic in 2015, and Combined Artistic Productions gave proper credit in May last year.

The graphic created by Theuns Kruger is of course from last year's story and information gathered by journalist Grethe Koen in what took a long time to find, search, put together and then showcase in an investigative article.

eNCA would (rightly) complain and likely scream blue murder if some other news outlet took its news clips or content or exclusively generated news and repurposed or used it without due credit.

Sport clips of course get "courtesy: SuperSport", but that didn't happen with Graphics24's "The Sugar Scale".